Father Stopped From Giving Son Medical Marijuana At School

7 year old Jayden David has Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that causes devastating seizures. The solution that has …


  1. Any time I get to vote on this, I am voting for its legalization, we need more people to represent us on the federal level. Come on people

  2. How is Jayden now. I know it has been a long time since this video and I am very interested in the day that you hear him say "I love you Dady!!!!!" If it has not happened I feel it will soon..for sure he feels it and says it inside and will say it out loud. Great job not giving up!!!!!!! Can't wait till I hear he is off all pills and only on the oil to enjoy life with you. You all deserve it…God bless you and your family…..

  3. Unbelievable how our governments and people all over the western world can be so narrow minded and anti something so helpful So glad some like This kid can get the help they need hopefully it's the start of a change !

  4. There's more people watching your story than you could ever imagine. I personally hope that you can someday treat your son with cbd without all the judgement and restrictions.

  5. I bet if he entered the school with stupid antidepressants or some type of shit like that, other medication people will be like ok, he's sick… But noo it's marijuana and people is like, OMFG he's on risk he couls die or some shit like that… Stupid people FUCKING LEGALIZE WEED NOW!! There's people fighting and suffering from diseases please make it legal!!

  6. He should give is son his CBD medication far off the school campus since they have stop administrating the drug to his son. So he does not get arrested. Just never know. School nurse should be able to give the child his medicine since he has doctor's approval and state backing.

  7. paul erricson…u must be from the dark ages.go look up CBD's anywhere you will find the truth.so shit up about junkies. you must be a shithead if you can watch a kid in pain and that is your answer stop acting like cbd is bad for kids you have for idea..

  8. Sadly, the government has tried it's best, and is still trying, to keep this incredible medicine away from the public. Why would they do this?  They don't care whether this little boy lives or dies.  It's all about supporting corrupt corporate interests.(at any cost)

    We must join together against the corruption that forces this dad to fight the government to save his boy's life.

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