Drive to create sustainable cannabis industry in SA continues

The drive to create a sustainable cannabis and hemp growing industry in South Africa continues. This after President Cyril …


  1. Nah, they'll only open opportunities for Whites and foreigners. For example you need to have R7.5M to be an accredited supplier there by cutting out Black people especially rural Black people. This is just a PR exercise. Foreigners are exporting Cannibis with impunity, just try to do that as a poor Black South African and the law will be on to you

  2. ????look up that handle, he ships swiftly, and he got shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, psilocybin, adderall, morphine, edibles, fentanyl, cubensis, meth, gummies, SSRI, chocolate bars, he's got a lot.. ???? ????????????????????…………..

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