Does CBD Help You Focus?

Apparently, CBD can help you focus better… Here we are not talking about eyesight, but mental focus – the ability to focus on a …


  1. I am straight edge i dont drink or do drugs waited until marriage for sex! Have three beautiful babies but suffer from being able to focus. Somone recommend me cbd they said i would not get high from it. And that it was natural. I hav no desire to be high but i also dont want to be distracted. Not a lot of traffic on this video so thought id ask for some help

  2. Sounds like once you stop using cbd your body will stop recognising minimum serotonin and you will get really depressed. Similar withdrawals to other drugs.

  3. I take CBD when Im feeling overwhelmed at work which is a side effect of ADHD. It helps to zone in and get stuff done rather than being so overwhelmed that you don’t where to begin and you procrastinate

  4. CBD is ideal for sleep or making the day go super easy. Only side effect would be knowing yourself more and not feeling like you have to alter yourself to your surroundings which isn't at all bad.

  5. I started working from home last April. I’ve noticed getting very distracted between social media and then when I go to look for music to listen to while I work, I go down a video watching binge instead. Cbd helps with this so much. I stay focused on the actual task until it’s done without taking all these side roads

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