1. I would really appreciate some information regarding sleeping and Cbd oil please, it would be much appreciated….my partner has dementia and is 79 and I’ve been giving him Cbd oil and he has been sleeping now for over 4 1/2 days and ate 3 small meals and 3 small drinks within a day and a half…Could you please tell me if this is quite normal…he spent many years of his life stressed out and getting very little sleep as well as looking after his elderly mum for 18 years……in the past…so this is the first time in probably over 30 – 40 years that he’s actually getting some decent sleep..he has angina as well but I should imagine he’s doing some well needed healing and Rest but a second opinion would be greatly appreciated please.

  2. lol that cbd calms u down is a lie….cbd is like a natural speed thats why they give it too adhd kids that would be better off with thc …cbd is just part of the cure and is retarded….rso is the real medicine ,this is just parte of and isolated is stupid…. 🙂

  3. Hello I'm a 57 y.o. male that was just diagnosed today with 6cm wide retro peritoneal mass behind right renal vein. Biopsy happens after Christmas. I'm very worried and want to consider alternative choices should this be malignant. My state is out of touch and want to move somewhere where someone can help me. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank so much

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