DL Hughley Goes In On Chris Rock Blasting Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith On 'Selective Outrage'

Comedian DL Hughley speaks out in reaction to Chris Rock’s Netflix special Selective Outrage. #chrisrock #willsmith #oscars …


  1. Why did you tittle you segment saying DL Hughley goes in on Chris Rock Blasting him….that's not at all what's being displayed…DL loved Chris special…stop trying to lure people in by exaggerating the topic

  2. Funny when women are slapped and wait to tell , these same men are saying why did she wait so long.
    But a man gets slapped. Waits year to talk about it, And men are saying he doing the right thing, he had to do it in its own time.
    All the men are backing Chris out loud even though he handle it like a female victim. Except he has black man support.
    But ok.

  3. To all our Brothers and Sisters in the industry who's managed to break the yoke or prevent the yoke and made it outta Hollywierd with your Heart still in tact…your mind still in tact, be grateful. Now let's all sit back and watch the instigating industry milk this thing til it's not profitable anymore.

  4. But why couldn't Chris Rock vent he has Bern quiet to long so is it right for Will came up and hit him without him knowing like Chris Rock said he said what he said he won't say it no more

  5. So DL doesn’t except what God said about hold on to the past he thinks he has so much wisdom no one said he will forget it but to live in it is what's counter productive I just hope that Chris Rock doesn't leave this earth with this mess in him because it want end well for him in eternity as for what Will did it was wrong and he has continued to acknowledge it these older men should be trying to help these men get past this terrible event instead of taking sides.

  6. I know that it was embarrassing for him and it was disrespectful and it’s not easy getting over an experience like that and but Chris will get over it in time and it’s not even worth it anymore time to move on and karma coming for will smith because of his choice he made in that moment and Chris is a good person and funny man ???? and will smith knows he messed up big time by doing what he did but it doesn’t make him or Chris rock a bad person people make mistakes and some are horrible mistakes and some dumb mistakes and everyone on earth ???? do dumb things all the time it never ends and Chris rock joke he made didn’t realize that it made jada smith act differently and will smith but will smith was laughing ???? at first and one min he mad ???? it didn’t make any sense anymore and all because of his wife The Who should truly blame is will smith wife she started everything and it was just a joke and jada smith is not a good person and she thinks she all that because of money ???? and fame and being a narcissist manipulating person and controlling

  7. Umm DL should neva compare Slavery to Entertainment again. What Chris Rock is doing is ENTERTAINMENT. Ppl are tired of being "entertained" with that particular event. He had ample time to address it if he WANTED to. Its done its over. Nothing he says NOW is going to change da fact he did absolutely nothing on dat stage but take dat slap. Its kinda cowardly to be honest. He continues to make black ppl and specifically black WOMEN his target. Still talking bout Jada and den tearing down Meghan Markle. That's y Will slapped him. He's a bully of black women and he's been dat his whole career. But he wanna play victim. Man stfu.

  8. How can you black men, black celebrities condone this behavior. He called someone’s wife, someone’s daughter, someone’s mother a b*** and totally disrespected a black women. And that’s okay with y’all. Y’all are sick black people, thinking this is okay. You guys have given white people exactly what they accuse black people of being. Ignorant!

  9. I'm going through something from 1998,can't get over it and march is month my husband passed away from cancer it's 2823,and my stomach is still intense and I have migraine and just blah blah blah.i try to get past it but yeah cant

  10. DL has always been a stand up guy, with great judgement about some things. And his opinion of Chris Rock is spot on. I totally agree with everything he said.

    ALL THE WAY????????????❤️

  11. DL Hugley is right also he kind went through it by the Monique situation. He spoke calmly but schooled her and he moved on. Same scenario just a different size audience it was a verbal annihilation not a slap. People need to have class. Chris Rock saved the Oscar's it was Will Smith slapped that ruined it for everyone else besides Chris Rock.

  12. So when DL states we can't decide how someone deals with trauma can the same be said for will or is he the punching bag to capitalize off of just asking for some of the congregation?

  13. I loved it too Chris Rocks humor has always been what it is in my opinion but Chris rock can talk about it as long as he wants u know why bc will smith shouldn’t have put his hands on him at least he turned his pain into paper

  14. I don’t always agree with DLH but this was well said. You don’t get to put a clock on someone else’s trauma. CR daughters also has to live with that trauma that their father was assaulted on national tv for all the world to see which is forever on the internet. As their father he has to live with that humiliation. Whether you liked his special or not that’s his way of dealing with his pain. Let CR live

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