Welcome back to my channel lovelies. In this video, I shared my DIY Hemp seed oil, avocado and banana deep condtioner for a …


  1. I love this natural hair mask,it’s so creamy ,I feel like you are massaging my hair,I have not use hemp seed oil before.
    Your hair is long and well taken care of.
    Thanks for sharing bukky

  2. Natural ingredients are always the best. Omega 3 and 6 is very essential for the hair, it does reduces hair loss and increases hair density… rightly said. Never knew one can use banana in hair treatment….very informative. I like how you went about the protective style in order to stretch the hair. More grace ????????.

  3. I swear I set a reminder for this premiere ????, I’ll put avocado in my hair soon too, hopefully I don’t eat it before putting it in my hair, thank you for this sis❤️ you have plenty hair oo,. That plastic is not letting the hair breathe sis, how would you feel if I covered you in plastic like that? ???? your hair color is still popping ❤️

  4. You're so patient with your hair. Anything that requires too much mix this n that makes me lazy???? but clearly it works cos your hair is so well nourished and soft and your curls were so defined right after rinsing. Thanks for sharing! Also avocados are soo expensive here ooo I cant even try put it on my hair sha

  5. Those ingredients that you used have got of load of benefits, some of them are also great for the skin , I really love the idea of stretching hair without heat, now my sis look like nkechi from Onisha ????just kidding , if only I can thread like that , I can’t really do much by myself when it comes to my hair . Your hair is beautiful and healthy too ????????❤️❤️❤️

  6. Avocado is expensive here and I haven't seen or hear hemp oil be4, i hope I can find it in this country cos I really need good treatment for my hair now that I start to keep my hair natural. Thanks for sharing

  7. I have never used hemp seed oil. ????The way that avocado is shinning eeh your hair had a good meal. ????????.If using it as a preepoo treatment will i still need to do a deep conditioner…..

  8. Yes hemp seed oil is really good. See eh a go first chop the avocado first then used the small one remaining for May hair????????. Lavender smell in general is my love. When I comes to natural hair all these nutrients are much needed. Now I see why ya hair so full, healthy etc. I love that Cantu leave in conditioner.

  9. It will be difficult for me to use avocado on my hair here oh,kia something wey I go just use eat bread or rice???? my hair go dey like that,Bukky your hair dey enjoy oh

  10. Wow! It looks so creamy and was hoping it can used at a deep. Learned quite a lot of the benefice of the ingredients such as Avocado, banana, lavender oil etc. Your hair is healthy and very long. Phenomenal end result.

  11. It is amazing how God has given us all we need and the added plus is when we do it ourselves like you did – well done and thanks for the recipe and the steps

  12. The mix immediately got your hair super curly. Threading makes the hair straight, love it and I
    Am absolutely going to try this avocado ???? hair good recipe. Thanks a ton for this Bukky.

  13. A very good procedure, your voice is not cracked sis… It's beautiful ❤️…. I may try it as my hair grows… It's very cheap in Nigeria ????????

  14. In as much as I don’t eat avocado
    I only use it on my hair when I was a naturalista. And my mum was angry I was wasting it ????????
    I’ll try to incorporate hempseed oil to my hair routine

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