1. This guy clearly doen't know what he's talking about. But 8 and 9 are in both plants. 1 just has low levels of THC while the other is much higher and has more strains for different effects.

  2. Its basically the thing that makes weed a good alternative to acid-extracted pharmaceuticals. The other ones they sell just keep you sucking them down. If i get a full spectrum cart from a dispensary, lasts twice as long as those HHC, delta 8, THC-P etc. This is done on purpose to maximize hemp sales in non legal states

  3. Love it. MSM telling me what kind of weed to smoke. Oh the irony. TY Trump LOL Since I have no children in my house and my dogs don't have thumbs to open my tin with – I give D8 two thumbs up and a pb&j sandwich!

  4. Delta 9 THC was FDA approved, DEA rescheduled class 2 in 1985-86,for Marinol, (Dronabinol), rescheduled again around 1997-99 class 3. Physicians Desk Reference PDR identifies the THC in Marinol as the compound found in Marijuana. World Health Organisation, WHO reports the Delta 9 THC in Marinol (Dronabinol) is same as Marijuana. Look it up, WHO 40th report on drugs 2018. Government has been lying about the Marijuana for nearly 100 years.

  5. Crazy how patients suffering from pain get put on incredibly addictive opioids sooner than medical marijuana. The stigma is insane

  6. 130 people were hospitalized because they had underlying health conditions that were exacerbated by taking D8. They conveniently left out the fact that 140,000 die each year from alcohol.

  7. @ 4:08 does this TV guy have any idea of the side effects of consuming more than 40 grams of sugar a day? Every "legal" drug, approved by the FDA, has side effects which are far more numerous than from D8.
    FDA approved Oxycontin: 45,000 deaths per year. "Everything's fine, folks! Be careful! There are serious side-effects from D8……………you might get dizzy! ????"

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