1. We don’t need high people around. We have enough trouble with drunk drivers we don’t need pot heads driving around and getting into accidents. And we don’t need kids finding their parents stashes and getting sick thinking it should be eaten. We know what’s in booze. Pot smokers have no clue what dealers spray on it. Those who grow it themselves? Here’s a question. What’s the problem that you need to be high all the time. Sooner or later you won’t get a high off it because you’ll get used to it and go to harder drugs or you’ll wind up like someone I knew years ago. He constantly smoked it. Could string a sentence together. He was living with his mom who put her foot down. Stop the weed get a job and move out. Had a neighbor who was married. She constantly smoked it. He divorced her and threatened to take the kids if she didn’t stop. Lose the kids or lose the pot. She made the right choice. Highs only last so long and reality doesn’t change when you come down. A former addict who started on pot I know. Been straight and sober for 25 years. Get a hobby for recreation! I chose to stop. And yes I smoke tobacco. I chose to start stop and restart. You don’t get high. Your judgement isn’t impaired. And if you buy pot from a dealer you don’t know what crap they spray on it that could poison you. Medical pot to ease chemo I have no problem.

  2. recreational legalization is the worst thing for the consumer, the product and the culture. Medical legalization is fine. These people just have silent billionaires behind them who want to rape the culture in every state, even more. They talk about it benefiting minorities but those are who recreational dispensaries are actually putting out of business unless they want to work there for minimum wage or get in bed with a billionaire vulture. I support the veto. Fuck big pharma.

  3. When will Democrat voters realise the Democrat party have no intention of giving them the things they want
    if you give the carrot to the Donkey you have nothing to control the Donkey with

  4. This is a good thing as per Laura Ingraham. Laura has been campaigning on the notion that smoking pot is leading to all of the shooting violence in young men. Laura is suggesting that a ban of marijuana will lead to a decrease in crime.

  5. It's nonsensical, they do not care about our health. Cannabis is healthy, and safer than alcohol. fake cannabis and tainted cannabis from the black market gives pure delta 9 (weed) a bad reputation, and funds criminals who push hard drugs, and, and do not pay taxes. Alcohol is more dangerous, and bars exist. politicians seem not to care about alcohol related auto accidents, or domestic abuse cause by alcoholism. Make alcohol illegal before criminalizing a healthy plant.

  6. And what happens to people who just grow it in the yard for personal use? Because you know all they care about is you paying a tax or a licensing fee or paying criminally for having anyting they deem controlled.

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