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  1. There are a lot of Canadian schools to go to if you want to get into the cannabis industry.
    11. Niagara College

    Via Niagara College

    Niagara College offers a one-year course called 'Commercial Cannabis Production' to students as part of its school of environment and horticulture. "There is a new and overwhelming need for qualified and trained professionals in the booming cannabis production industry," reads the program's website.

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    The course provides, "training in the biology and cultural practices of cannabis production including plant nutrition, environment, lighting, climate control, pest control and cultivar selection."

    You can find all about it on the programs website here.

    10. Durham College

    Via Durham College

    Durham College offers a program called the Cannabis Industry Specialization program. "It is designed to prepare professionals with business experience, or who have already completed a diploma or degree in business, to pursue a career in the rapidly expanding cannabis sector," says the Durham College website.

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    Anyone taking this program must be at least 19-years-old or older, according to Durham College.

    The program is part of a partnership between the school and GrowWise Health Limited, and the health and education subsidiary of licensed cannabis producer Emblem Corp. You can find out more about it here.

    9. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

    Via Kwantlen Polytechnic University

    Kwantlen Polytechnic University isn't a school many have probably heard of, but it's jumping on the list of cannabis industry programs as well.

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    Located in Vancouver, the school offers a Retail Cannabis Consultant certificate program, which it says "focus on best practices highlights compliance, customer service and competence in a complex and evolving industry."

    The school says the program is completely hands-on, allowing students to learn real skills they will need in their career in cannabis. You can find out more here.

    8. McGill University

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    McGill University currently offers students the chance to take part in workshops throughout the year on what it calls "medical Cannabis production and quality control."

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    The school is also in the process of starting its own full-time program around marijuana, which it hopes to have fully up and running by 2019.

    You can learn about the workshops here.

    7. Community College of New Brunswick

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    The Community College of New Brunswick was among the first schools in Canada to add a cannabis program to its list. It announced the move all the way back in 2016, long before there was a set date for legal marijuana.

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    The program prepares students to work as medical cannabis cultivation technicians.

    You can find all you need to about the program on the website here.

    6. Loyalist College

    Via Loyalist College

    Loyalist College in Bellville, Ontario has what it says is Canada's first cannabis applied science program.

    According to the schools website the program focuses, "on green technologies, including supercritical CO2 extraction, to support industry’s transition away from the use of petrochemical solvents."

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    The college says that "students will apply a range of lab techniques for the extraction and analysis of cannabis, developing methods which can provide them and their employers with a competitive advantage." You can find everything out about it here.

    5. University of Ottawa

    Via University of Ottawa

    While many schools are focusing on the growing and selling of cannabis, the University of Ottawa is going in a much different direction.

    The university is offering a program focused on cannabis law. So, you could become one of the first post-legalization cannabis lawyers in Canada.

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    The school says students will learn about, "many areas of the law impacted by this unprecedented change and will examine the regulatory framework of cannabis in Canada relating to both medical and recreational use, as well as production."

    "The course will explore some of the potential legal implications of legalization, including its impact on employment/ labour law, property law, immigration law and business law," it says.

    You can find out more here.

    4. St. Francis Xavier University

    Via St. Francis Xavier University,

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    St. Francis Xavier University has a partnership with THC Dispensaries, which allow students access to on-the-job training in a 7,000 square-foot growing facility.

    Students learn many things, including, "creation of unique cannabis genetics that may be used in clinical trials that CCC intends to undertake, development of new delivery methods and mechanisms for cannabis into the human body and research into new approaches for growing and cultivating cannabis at an industrial scale."

    You can learn more about it here.

    3. Ryerson University

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    Ryerson University offers a new cannabis course called The Business of Cannabis.

    The school says the course, "is intended to familiarize students with the cannabis industry in Canada and, more specifically, Ontario."

    Students in the program will learn about many things, including, "cannabis legislation at the provincial and federal levels, financing for cannabis businesses, and regulations pertaining to the cultivation, processing, distribution, marketing, and selling of cannabis in Canada."

    You can find out more about it here.

    2. College of the Rockies

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    The College of the Rockies, located in Cranbrook, B.C. offers an online course for people to study the retail aspects of cannabis.

    The program is called The Cannabis Retail Specialist program, and prepares students for "highly specialized retail jobs to provide varied and challenging work and the chance to learn valuable skills in a growth industry."

    The program is currently only open to Canadian students. You can find out more about it here.

    1. Olds College

    Via Olds College

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    Located in Calgary, Olds College offers students a combination of both online courses and a two-week job placement as part of its Cannabis Production program.

    The program is designed to provide, "entry level job-based training paired with hands-on experience, and is committed to providing graduates the skills needed to enter into employment with a range of cannabis producers, from medicinal to adult use."

    You can find out all you need about it here.

  2. The data show that producers in Canada exported 15.6 tons of dried cannabis flower and at least 7.3 kilolitres of cannabis oils and extracts during 2020. That’s up from 3.4 tons of flower and 5.7 kilolitres of cannabis oils and extracts.

    “This likely means that Canada is the single largest exporter of cannabis flower and oil in the world, ahead of the Netherlands, whose exports shrank slightly in 2020 compared to 2019,” says Prohibition Partners, which builds reports based on Atalis data.

    Wow smoking a joint laughing my ass off. While I grow my own weed legally here in CANADA while you shiver in fear of getting caught. And unlike where you live cannabis you buy at any legal shop here in Canada has been tested for contamination. There is no shortage of cannabis in Canada. Hash tested in Amsterdam showed human SHIT in 80% of the hash but what would you expect from greedy criminals.

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