1. Excellent information. THC is bad news! Always stick to pure high content pure CBD. Well done and keep up the good work. Hey from Scotland ???????????????????????????? ????????

  2. For medical use I would recommend using a dab pen and vaping pure CBD crystals in it.
    It's very effective and you will feel it much faster compared to ingesting it while being less costly (your body absorbs about 15% of the CBD when eaten but about 45% of it when vaped so you need less CBD for the same effect). If you want to use oil then make it yourself with pure CBD crystals dissolved in oil. The products on the market are far too expensive in my opinion. In Europe it's about 20€ per 1000mg of pure CBD, so a daily dosage of 25mg is 0.50€.

  3. CBDpure.com You have to try it..
    It is amazing, this was the first CBS oil I ever tried, with in a hour I could fell the affect of it. My anxiety can't write down and I feel so relaxed my memory was starting to get better my sleep was amazing.
    But now I cant get it anymore because they can no longer ship it to Canada☹
    I have tryed other brands hear in Canada I have not found anything yet that even comes close to CBD pure, they do third-party testing with their product , when you go to there website you are able to talk to them and ask questions and they get back to you right away.

  4. Does CBD help with impulsiveness? I have anger issues and stress due to which i feel like i can't do anything.. getting through the day becomes tough and frustrating..

  5. Vaping on watermelon Kush Oil while watching this ???? I've only been vaping for 2 days now, and prior to this I haven't smoked anything at all.

  6. How can you call people "pot heads" while boasting about the medicinal values of cannabis? Just because you can't handle THC, doesn't mean we're all pussies.

  7. Would love for you to test CTFO CDB. Would love to know your opinion. Dosage is important and it should be full spectrum. Drops should be held for 30 secs under the tongue. Additionally it can take 2 to 4 weeks to get the full benefits. Vaping should be fully vaped because there is lower cdc per puff. So glad people are getting educated. https://www.myctfo.me/carlaferrier

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