CBD Oil Experiences and Full Explanation

Eric Jenkins shares his CBD Oil Experiences and gives a Full Explanation! – What is it? – Different forms? – Benefits? – Possible …


  1. Can you say Placebo. "Dr. John's Medicine Show". Buzzwords, "Full Spectrum, All Natural. Hormone Optimization, Stress and Anxiety " blahs blahs blahs… Anecdotal BS "How to Buy it Where to Buy it." Oh yeah there's one born every minute. Free Samples Yippee! Link provided three month discount. "Thank you So Much!" Lmao

  2. Im getting empty caps and putting in 1 drop of 85% thc. Works much better and faster.
    1 drop in cap = 4 drops orally for me. This method saves me money, 100euro for 4500mg desolved in 30ml of mct oil lasts me 5 months.

  3. CBD can give a different effect for each person. It could be sedative or stimulatory. I don't think it's a good idea to say CBD is for sleep, when I take it my self it'll give me poor quality sleep but help with focus and cognition.

    Overall the dosages spoken about are correct for the other reasons of use.

  4. Cannabis can help with anxiety as can CBD.
    There are a lot of people who are sensitive to THC and for those there are cannabis varieties high in xbd and low in the it you can buy hemp that has less that 0.3thc total and unnoticeable effects from THC

  5. Nice info Steven.a Belgium pharmaceutical company is making CBD oil also. the company is called AMOPHAR info@amophar.be from Shelle.thy come in 5% and 10%. the product is called CBD phar.the box says CBD 10% 0.2% THC 1000mg cannabidiol isolaat.i bought no free samples from the tho????i bought one here in the locale pharmacy

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