CBD Miracle That Turned Teenagers Life Around

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  1. Okay. Let the kid have the medicine. . . .

    If anyone has any problem with it. Send them to me.

    My name is Neal thomson and I am from Johannesburg south africa. . . . .

    Jeepers. Screw whoever's kicking against this

  2. Can your body become immune to the amount of CBD that you use to treat let’s say seizures? And if so what do you do afterwards? Do you just increase the amount you take?
    For example I have osteogenesis imperfecta and my body has become used to pain medication and I have yet to try CBD alone I’m just curious because I would love to not have to take opiates but if I decide to use cannabis instead and my insurance finds out I can be cut off from all my doctors and the help I am getting so I’m fighting with myself to know if it’s even worth it.

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