CBD Isolate VS Full Spectrum VS Broad Spectrum | RESTART CBD

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  1. Hi ladies great video! I am in Ireland and I purchased a 100ml 3500mg e liquid it makes me nervous and sweaty and I am only using very small amounts I just found some full spectrum cbd e liquid and it's 1000mg it seems to be helping me more I don't know whether to bring it back to the store and get full spectrum instead it's 3 times more expensive but I am just wondering what you would recommend thanks ladies P.S. ye are beautiful! Thanks love from Ireland! ????

  2. I've tried CBD isolate for a bunch of chronic injuries and I really didn't notice any relief in pain, or any muscle relaxation. My body has taken many beatings. I've heard full spectrum is the way to go, but I'm a cop (who thinks it should be legalized ????). I just can't risk 0.3% THC due to drug testing, which is absolutely ridiculous since such a small amount won't impair you. Perhaps broad spectrum might give me some pain relief.

  3. I saw a sign at flyrite advertising that they had this, what is it? How much is it being sold for? How do you take it? I’m just very un informed, and would love to try this. Also my wife deals with a lot of health issues, and someone said she should consider cbd.

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