CBD Bud vs THC Bud – Learn All About CBD Flower

Despite both, THC and CBD flowers looking and tasting very similar they have very different effects. The Cannabis plant produces …


  1. @ 2:30 Alot of things you said are not true first off claiming CDB don't smell or is not as strong is completely wrong Your not smelling the THC your smelling the Terpenes, and you can smell them in both THC and CBD, as with THC buds some don't have a strong smell while other's do, same with CBD and not only that there is some CBD that has a very unique smell you never find in THC bud, like the cherry wine CBD strain is potent smelling like cherries and wine and is NOT sprayed with anything also my favorite strain Sour Space Candy is in a league of its own with a flavor and smells that rivals 25% THC buds. i have a CBD bud that's 2 years old i saved in the jar it came in and still stinks. Secondly You said CBD has zero lineage to the actual THC strain again NOT TRUE many companys use a Full THC strain and breed the THC down, more then 1/2 off ALL CBD strains are from a THC parent.

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