Cannabis Growers Beware: The Platform Problems Escalate – The Dude Grows Show 1,452

This week was eye-opening, we take a closer look at the escalating social media problem that is affecting cannabis growers …


  1. The "End" may be the new ceo of YT,been hearing a Lotta speculation bout how he is waaay more anal about misinformation and cannabis in general than Susan ever thought about being. Prepare for more h8 than ever dgc????

  2. I need to subscribe. I've heard this show is worthwhile. I hope so, but my seeds are a bit more. Hopefully others will start talking about my show in a similar light.

  3. My comments are censored across the whole platform…..I'll leave a comment on a video go back check my comment out and the other comments around will have like 2k likes and mine has none…..consistently censoring cannabis channels……cannabis doesn't even pop up on the search bar.

  4. You 2 are always Informational n I like your Work. What about Trichoderma- Fungi, n Beneficial Bacteria ????. They Both work with Mycorrhizae like Trio- Web to Feed your soil n plants ????

  5. Kinda weird how the fed acts the way they do about cannabis and these SM businesses are doing what they do toward cannabis.
    Jeez the feds bed is hotter than a hotel offering siesta rates.

  6. that is a 72 country squire wagon / ltd wagon / crown vic wadon / had one and a 225 limited w/ skirts / blk on blk .. back in th K M E T days of FM RADIO
    in LA CA

  7. 1st. timer dudes / its like toke up america / heres the views / news / and some clues / for those of us who have none ??? / good info on that cal mag buffer for coco / i new farmer and mid flower massive fan die offs after 2 wk defole and clean up but mine has run all thru wk. 10 and has ruined both autos and fotos // good clue anyway peace and thumbs

  8. Say you're running 1200ppm co2 in a 4×4. But you only want to run 1 tank to see how it does.. when it runs out I would be at 650-850 in basement . Would the plants withdrawl or get mad?

  9. grateful to hear about recharge vs Growdots & what & when each is best. I nearly used Growdots as top dressing early on & it's not made to top dress! it's made for soil mixing. recharge IS useful especially in starting seeds & through 4 or so weeks in flower. hope to learn more as those microbes confuse me lol

  10. it's legal in Canada & more than half the US so this is a very timely topic. I hope you bring up social club, which is owned by weedmaps & bans cannabis content! I'm not sure how former CB users are getting away with it, I lasted a week before being banned for canna content. great show! ????????????

  11. Whey Yah best Probiotics, Rootwise Phos – better then Mamm. P. and when using any microbes add Rootwise Bio it’s enzymes. Rootwise complete is the same as Recharge except they use dementias earth, instead of powder molasses.

  12. I live in the Albany (upstate NY) area. We went legal around 2 years ago and not only is there not a single shop open yet but it's harder to find decent smoke anywhere. I'm a medical patient and grower but for everyone else legalization here in good old NY has been a joke. Nobody here knows what's allowed anymore and what's not. I'm pretty sure you can't grow here yet. If you ask me it's just a way for them to double the money the state makes on DWI's by inventing some bs test to charge people with driving high… New York did not legalize cannabis they made it more expensive.

  13. Hey DGC I don’t get notifications that you are live very often. Please give us as much notice on live times as possible. Thanks. I love the show and hate missing the live.

  14. Missouri dispensaries are only selling marijuana that’s federally compliant with the federal farm bill for HEMP !!! Buyer beware!! You have to pre decarboxylate or age the stuff over a year BEFORE you smoke it or your only getting a cbd effect. If even that… do your homework you’ve been warned about Missouri!!

  15. I invested $500 in a 3×3 tent, a 300 watt 4-bar light and an exhaust fan. I spent $25 on 3 seeds and grew out 14 ounces.

    In effect, it cost me $35 an ounce.

    Every future grow was free (other than power/seeds)

  16. Hmmmm Scotty, you found that Shrek butt plug in your night stand? Imagine the weird stuff he isn't showing us… Another great episode guys, thanks for making us laugh!! Cheers Kenabyss DGC

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