Cannabis and Kidney Disease Latest Research CBD | Marijuana And Kidney Disease | Helpful Or Not CKD?

Cannabis and kidney disease have been a hot topic for most kidney disease patients. In most cases, Cannabis usually does not …


  1. Cannabis effected my kidney very badly. I used thc daily and now my right kidney hurts like hell???? don’t do it! It will get you temporarily high but it doesn’t make up for the damage it causes your kidneys in the long run. Warning*

  2. My own situational case involves hereditary kidney disease which h it's recently has progressed to failure and now on a transplant list as well as regular dialysis…
    For the past 45 years I've had pain issues due to spinal injury and that can be extremely debilitating . I have consumed marijuana off and on for over 50 years…
    I can tell you right now if I had followed doctors advice and taken the hundreds of opiate painkillers and other array of pharmaceuticals I would likely be dead and if not , I would have already gone through a drug rehab program and many other issues if I had not used marijuana.,,
    Now I am up for transplant and the administration question me about marijuana use. I can see where this is going and I seriously doubt if my body could handle being on opiates and other hardcore painkillers replacing marijuana that has always been safe and reliable as well as fast and effective…
    In terms of truth and transparency I feel no obligation to these people since they're attitude and rules are based on antiquated prejudice information..They're jumping to some minute potential that there may be mold or infective spores in the marijuana that could negatively affect a transplant.I'm not buying that line of limited intellect and labeling for their own control and convenience… One rule certainly does not fit all and who is making the rules here this is my body and I certainly am not going to go through major surgery and the potential to have a normal life a normal life with a functioning kidney. I reject the idea that I need Big Brother or a doctor telling me what to do after more than 60 years of apparently doing the right thing or I would have been dead long ago..
    I know there is quite a huge population of people that consume cannabis and anyone could see the situation is about control and power, would you go backwards and start taking a lot of opa opioidThat would be jumping into an addiction… I would be happy to hear from others that have some experience specifically on this topic and how they navigated the system, Thank you

  3. Is hemp tea ok to drink for a kidney transplant patient i found the hemp tea in my local grocery store ? I do take the kidney medicine like tacrolimus mycophenolate

  4. Hi. I have been smoking weed for a while. But recently i got ulcer pain. And when i continued to smoke i started getting pain in my back and under rib. Can smoking cause kidney disease or infection?

  5. Hi, I come across your video and thank you for the information. I have a 14-year-old king Charles spaniel, and she was diagnosed with kidney failure at early May and heart disease with her valve in September in 2019. I have been giving her fluid by needles (260 c.c. per day) and pills to help decrease phosphorus in the body. She was hospitalised for five days and I have been watching her daily condition; everything has seem to be improving, but today she shows weakness and continuous tremors. I don't know what went wrong. The last blood check showed CREA1.5mg/BUN 33mg(June 8th) BTW, she is given 2 egg white per week and small amounts of pork loin per day, heart cardiac pellets and iron supplement.

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