Bret and Heather 163rd DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Making Medicine Modern

In this 163rd in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of …


  1. The reaction of getting away from black people if close to 50% dont think its ok to be white isn't 'insane'. It may not be the right response for other reasons, but it is the opposite of insane. It is completely rational.

  2. The portion of your show dedicated to talking about Scott Adams moved in the right direction, but totally misrepresented his point. Scott's point was that the CRT, DEI, ESG (woke) agenda is creating division – something you clearly agree with. He went as far as blaming these factors as they appear in the education system as one of main sources. He also went on to say that the mainstream media is also pushing this agenda which, in effect, generates more anti-white sentiment. He connects all of this to the results of the poll in question. In the end, we was not truly suggesting white people get away from black people – he was raising the alarm bell that on our current trajectory, the education system and mainstream media will destroy the USA. I do agree that his provocative wording left a lot to be desired but perhaps that was his intent – it certainly got people talking about this.

  3. Evoluton doesn't guide health to the extent that it shows what's best to eat from a health perspective. Evolution only guides us to reproductive age… but e humans prefer to live longer than evolution cares about.

  4. Dr G's case causes one to wonder if s/he contracted the reported myocarditis via fluid exchange (intimate contact)
    rather than by conventional shedding, or an undiagnosed, subclinical, nonsymptomatic covid infection.

  5. When we talk about shedding, it seems that we imagine one unvaxxed person in close proximity to just one vaxxed person. But how about I'm the only unvaxxed person in a stadium of 100,000 people?

  6. Heather, why have you pay-walled commenting on your Substack posts? Substack has tricked authors into this, so if you do not think you have pay-walled your comments, please check. If you did it deliberately, please reconsider, as some poor people are worthy of being read and heard. Wealth and intelligence are not equivalent measurements.

  7. I want to ask Brett and Heather to research something else related to health, a territory that is even more forbidden than open conversation on covid. The subject is EMFs and particularly 5G currently.

    Can you research if there is such as thing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity using your understanding of what "science" is supposed to be? There is. There are lots of papers on it. Can you research what harms are incurred by electromagnetic sensitives when exposed to certain EMFs? Again, there are lots of apparently peer reviewed "scientific" papers on it, although most are appallingly designed and prove nothing. But yes, there are detectable biological changes in the bodies of sensitives when exposed to certain EMFs – so we do know something happens. We still, all these years since cell phones were introduced, have not studied the potential damage done by them. This paper sums up the papers the authors found since the 1980s on the topic and it points to the ludicrous and utterly inadequate research methodologies.

    This topic needs you.

  8. OMG it's like it's almost like you can't just have everything you want in life and have to live in a society. And all the stuff you just complained about being taken away and wouldn't be given back, was immediately given back to you… Cry more

  9. I'm no scientist, but if the modified spike protein in the mRNA vaccines is difficult for the immune system to detect, and it self-replicates, wouldn't it be possible to be infected with a trace amount of spike from shedding that slowly spreads within the body?

  10. Speaking to health and evolution: Somehow doctors and others were convinced that animal fats from meat and eggs were a threat to our health. A 100% natural substance that meat eaters and omnivores throughout all history have consumed…. Instead you were supposed to switch to margarine or oils derived in a manufactured process. Still to this day, you'll hear about the dangers of animal fats. The food pyramid is a classic example of the failure of not thinking evolutionary.

  11. When I look at the list of videos for this channel, episode 163 does not show up in the list. If I explicitly search for episode 163, it does show up. Is there something I am missing here? Is it unlisted but searchable somehow? I am just asking because I would like to know if I am searching incorrectly or if there is some nefarious algo at play here.

  12. I actually appreciate and admire you guys so much, and I'm even a little envious that you get to do this as a married couple! Thank you for all you're doing in pursuit of the truth ????

  13. Am i the only one that has found themselves with this strange new-found interest in "science", thanks to Bret and Heather? If science had been this interesting in school, i probably wouldnt have skipped so many classes..

  14. RE: Evolutionary Biology and complex systems – you keep trying to get closer and closer to the truth. This is called (competent) feedback. Complex systems work because the system uses various paths of feedback to keep the system stable and accurate. BS feedback does not work.

  15. Adams, after the fact, tried to clarify his comments in that he was referring to only those who expressed the opinion that being white wasn't cool, not all black people. Does this change your opinion of the statement?

  16. "One gives ups some freedoms now in order to have greater freedoms later" – may not be a "perfectly rational argument." Maybe we should look at a quote from Ben Franklin – who said – "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

  17. regarding scott adams and the rasmussen poll, i can't tell if you're more outrages at scott's response or the idea that 47% of black america say it's not ok or they don't know if it's ok to be white. whatever one man said about this seems to be very insignificant compared to the idea of what this poll seems to be suggesting. kor

  18. About shedding: there was a significant amount of reporting from women whose cycles, bleeding, etc went haywire after both vaccination and exposure to those vaccinated. I'm not sure where that stands now. I do know long before covid, you've got people barred from ICU's if they had recent chicken pox vaccines due to possibility or shedding. It is a real possibility and with the new vector of mRNA, it should be acknowledged that we can't know all of the effects yet.

  19. Enjoyed the use of the acronym to describe big pharma's deceit. However, on this issue many great and essential points were left unelaborated; worse was the Scott Adams analysis. The notion of Unamericanism misses the mark; the interpretation of the question was deserving of almost a half a dozen unstated nuances. Should I post the great answers here or torture Scott Adams on his channel? Hmmm…

  20. I think how else do you want to prepare your kids for contact with people of different opinions, mindsets or even with people with different cultures then keeping old books as they are! When they will get that people used to think differently about number of topics, they will be more ready to for example not get irrationally offended by a foreigner not aware what are the current sensitivity triggers in your part of world etc

  21. In light of Bill Gates talking about and promoting the idea of contagious vaccines, I’m open to the idea that it might be something they are and have played with. We do know that it’s all been a huge experiment so nothing would really shock me at this point.

  22. Bret,

    Could it be possible that the reported vaccine shedding to an unvaccinated Brazilian could be a result of the type of vaccine taken by the other party? They may have taken the attenuated virus vaccine (common in that part of the world) a batch of which may have either been manufactured or handled incorrectly resulting in it not being properly attenuated.

  23. There's one thing one must admit about this couple – they are brave to tackle a huge topic such as global medicine, based on their background as biologists. PhDs on frogs and bats.
    Sound knowledge and understanding of biologic evolution is the basis of medical science and practice they say. Maybe.
    And so is sound knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, chemistry, histology, human physiology, embryology (closely related to biologic evolution), genetics (closely related to biologic evolution), teratology (closely related to biologic evolution and genetics), oncology(where modern treatments are based on genetics and DNA typing), pharmacology, microbiology (closely related to biologic evolution), psychology, sociology, psychiatry, etc, etc, etc.
    Biologic evolution may not be a separate topic in the curriculum in medical faculties but it is an essential part of many of the mandatory topics.
    Conversely – why should training in evolutionary biology alone provide a magic toolbox of such magnitude and power as to understand more or less the entire field of medicine?

  24. "food desert" is a bullshit assertion. I know many many people who live in rural areas, and they drive dozens of miles to buy groceries. And yes avacados and steak are available. NOw how in the world is that not available in an urban area?? It is another nonsense assertion by the left, who insist that EVERY problem, including down to your diet, is someone else's fault.

  25. Doesn’t sanitizing the past necessarily make the present suffer by comparison? If people were so much more enlightened back then—what went wrong? Is this distorted manufactured impression of the past a flaw or a feature of the radical left’s narrative?

  26. "Un-American" to get away from places/people where you aren't welcome(like as unvaccinated)…..says the people who literally moved to an island to get away…….

  27. A review of the of the history of the AMA reveals that the roots of modern "Western" medicine were corrupt and rotten, and neither should be trusted without scrutiny.
    JD Rockefeller funded shift from homeopathy to allopathy, originally intended as a huge scheme to bring big oil into medicine via the creation of pharma. Purposeful slanderous takedown of homeopathic remedies in favor of chemically produced pharmaceutical remedies, many of which were petroleum-based formulations that utilized previously unusable petrol byproducts.
    This history brings ALOT of light to where we are now…????

  28. Food deserts do not exist socially.

    As someone who grew up in a food desert – with the only super market 1.5 miles away, there was no reason why my family did not buy healthy food was because they didn't want to buy healthy food.

  29. We get to the point we are at because the people who know better are not taking central positions in culture or community. If you want to live in a better society then you should be a part of providing a place for that better society to grow.

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