Black Seed Oil and Epilepsy: A Natural Solution for Seizures

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  1. Please please help me !!!! Whats the dozes daily for a 5 years old?? My daughter is diagnosed with a very estrange type of epilepsy. We have tried all kinds of medicines which made her symptoms worse ! And also we have tried all kind of alternative remedies and nothing works ! I’m desperate ! She has myoclonies (wich is a type of seizure ) every day as much as 25 per day ! Please help me ! I’m desperate !

  2. Yeah agree….do not order cheap bso. However if one tried the lower grade bso then switch to “perfect press” will know the difference significantly but why bother.
    I kinda wanting to take more than 2tsp a day with honey because the perfect press bso n the Yemeni honey are so delicious. ????

  3. for a person who have been taking medication over 10 years, do you stop taking your medication and use black seed oil; because the withdrawals are difficult when not taking the medicine.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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