BEWARE – 3 Things NOT to Do While Using Kratom



  1. If you have trouble chasing that first high, stop and take a break. This is my best advice. Do NOT move onto stronger things or extracts, and ALWAYS only take ONE DOSE a DAY, no more, and your tolerance will stay level, take about a day off a week if possible too.

    If you want it to be stronger take some grapefruit juice, and some magnesium zinc supplements. It helps. If you start taking extracts and stronger stuff it WILL ruin your tolerance. Very fast too.

    Another thing, always start with a TEASPOON, no more, don't start taking tablespoons, find that sweet spot. And never move from that.

    Kratom is a discipline and responsibility supplement, be disciplined, don't over do it. If you feel you will, stay away from it. You give others a bad name and get it banned a LOT of people are going to be VERY pissed off including me.

  2. I'm from U.K. Gave up a litre a day Vodka 8 months ago. 4-6 beers a day now. Unfortunately a daily Heroin habit since 19. This sounds too good to be true. My comment is a question. Can anyone point me to a quality online site to order from that will send it across the pond. And perhaps advise capsules or powder. Capsules easier, but I'll do ANYTHING, just want to do it Right. Thanks ????

  3. #3 is spot on. Do NOT take too much or you will feel like crap. There’s a fine line, and no gray area. I’m 5’9” 160 lbs. If I take over 4g I’m getting into the danger zone. 3.5 is my sweet spot.????

    (I prefer to mix it in a shaker with a mango juice. It makes the taste and smell less horrible. Lol )

  4. The Government loves easy manipulated people. Kratom has helped more people then any other medication Kratom is a herb. I am 66-year-old Kratom is the only thing that I take, they can shut down all the pharmaceutical companies and all of the alcohol breweries and they can keep their marijuana, and they should be working on doing something about the fentanyl and the methamphetamine problem. Just our typical government trying to manipulate the easy manipulated people.

  5. Hi I’m currently n 2 mg of Klonopin. I was hoping to take Kratom as I’m tapering off of the Klonopin. Do I have to be completely off the Klonopin before I start Kratom or can I take the Kratom while I’m tapering off of the Klonopin?

  6. Booze and kratom made me spew up, when I reduced after a drink. I won't take kratom with booze. I am prescribed valium. Listen to #joeytalks, though, as they are both downers, and you need to be careful. My tolerance is really high, so I don't get the "too much kratom", but I did take too much, and yea, I had to have an anti sickness pill.

  7. for those of you using it to combat anxiety/depression. Please please please do not mix with anti-depressants specifically SSRIs and SNRIs, and if you do then take a considerably smaller dose than normal. you could be risking having serotonin syndrome. I personally experienced what I believe to be a moderate episode of serotonin syndrome my first time dosing kratum, do to still being on an SNRI, and trust me is bad. Basically like having a very bad panic attack; you get elevated body temp, tachycardia', and really bad anxiety. After researching for a while, I have learned that it has been documented to cause serotonin syndrome with this specific combination. The way it happens is that both ssris and snris prevent the re uptake of serotonin in the synapses, creating a bit of a build up, which works if you have normal low serotonin, but with kratum being a seratonergic compound and racing levels in the brain, this could easily lead to an excess in the brain which is very toxic.

  8. I've just started using Kratom and my Dr ( actively supports my addiction by prescribing me more pain meds when I want them) just sent me a prescription. For the first time in 8 years, I not only didn't run to the pharmacy, I have thrown the prescription away. Never before did I ever think I could do that.

  9. Everything this boomer has said besides the 3rd claim is WRONG, no research backed information and no experienced information. Terrible video delete YouTube man

  10. Why are you spreading misinformation on YouTube?. I’ve interviewed almost 50 people that have mixed over 4grams of kratom and 7 beers with tolerance of both that didn’t have any bad numbers or alarms on their liver/kidney/heart health exams, including myself. Kratom is NOT an opiate therefore it doesn’t act like one when mixed with alcohol. I’ve also conducted numerous experiments with kratom and the liver and after 2 years of daily use (3-8 grams per day) I haven’t had anything bad on my personal heart/liver/kidney health (IV sample type test every 3 months within a 2 year time period). I wish you would conduct research with people that have done both and mixed both versus getting information off of a website with articles written by people that don’t even know what kratom is. To anybody watching this video please do not take this guys advice, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  11. 10 years of Green vein heavy use. Kratom started to have negative effects. It triggers anxiety and chest pressure now. I've had to quit cold turkey. Tried other veins but even a little Kratom seems to have these same side effects. Should I try the stem and vein? Being off of kratom is pretty awful.

  12. Just switched brands . I put about .7 to .8 of a gram in a capsule; aim for between 3 but less than 4 gram dose. That seems to be effective for getting the benefit.
    Can kratom be giving me headaches afterwards?
    aprox: 12plus hours later? my 1st & previous time I didn't have that effect.

  13. What about Kratom with one occasional bottle (pint) of cold beer on a hot day? No more than this. I can't imagine this would be too problematic. Thoughts anyone?

  14. In Asia kratom leaves are boiled until they are colored like tea then mix with coca cola to reduce bitterness. It gives wonderful super powers

  15. Never gotten sick. My son and I buy a 1000g bag every 2 weeks.
    We get it from a headshop in Michigan because it's illegal to buy in Indiana.

  16. hey there, how long would you say i should wait to take my norcos prescribed after taking kratom? I saw u say not to mix them, so i wouldnt take it same day but maybe in 24 hrs? or what. Thx

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