Behind The Scenes of Influencing: January

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  1. As an Oregonian, I felt such a little flutter of excitement when Phoebe said "plus Enchanted Forest will be open". Like people not from Oregon have no idea what they are missing out on!

  2. "we are attractive… to the gay people" ???????????? made me laugh out loud. yes you are!! i (gay person) think you are so sweet and cool! thanks for the lovely video ????

  3. I’m having the best Sunday morning with this video. Got cooking done/prepped for lunch this week and am now sorting out my socks which is a task I have avoided for way too long. I love hanging out with you guys on in the background ????❤️

  4. This is just so good! I LOVE the BTS of influencing/content creating and just the real good vibes. It got me through my Friday afternoon at work in a co-working sense!

  5. I'm 25 minutes in and I'm so incredibly relaxed and happy for the first time this week. You used to make peoples family vacations special but today (and most days I watch your content) you made my day off special ???? thank you for everything

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