BABYMOON IN THE MALDIVES | JAMIE GENEVIEVE Hey guys! A very chill vlog from our time in the Maldives. Such a dream and …


  1. This was so Beautiful to watch. I felt oddly emotional, I started to well up you talking about baby girls movements ???? this is just so amazing. I'm made up for you, what a perfect family holiday and how breathtaking do you look too? So glowing and gorgeous ????????✨

  2. Can you tell me where you got your makeup case? The white one that looks like a mini suitcase with black & white striped interior. Love the look of it.
    Glad to hear and see you had a good time. I would love to go to the Maldives one day. When and if I do, I want to go all out. Room over the water, just like the one you were in.
    Take care ????

  3. I’ve been watching you since I was in highschool! I’m now 28 and 18 weeks pregnant and find it so cool I get to watch your pregnancy journey while I experience mine. You’re looking gorgeous! Happy for you both

  4. My husband and I have been wanting to go to the Maldives for so long. We love watching your videos whenever you go. If you have any tips for planning a trip like this we’d love to hear them, please!! ❤

  5. When you were talking about wanting to look back at this vlog, I realized someday you’ll be showing it to baby girl and how special that will be for her to be able to watch it!!!

  6. Looks amazing! I so wanna go there too. Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for this trip? Or if anyone else in the comments has been there, what did you pay? The Maldives is my dream destination, and I've always wanted to go. Just curious what the average price is <3

  7. Jamie you look amazing!!!!! Your soooo beautiful and my favorite makeup artist ever!!!! I'm so happy for you and jack God bless you,Jack, and your baby girl on her way ????????????

  8. SO happy you guys went back so that I can live this trip vicariously through you. Looks like a dream. Such a beautiful memory for you to look back on of the last days of this chapter. ???? Congrats again

  9. We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed your Great Wave Bubble Bar! What a great choice for such a stunning location! ????????

  10. Can you PLEASE open your mouth when you speak?? I can’t understand and you talk so fast ???? lol!! Just beautiful I hope to go one day! Lucky nugget.

  11. You have no idea how glad I am that you talked about the weight gain ???? I’m in my first trimester and I’ve been SO HUNGRY, I’m pretty sure I’ve gained more than my due already ????‍♀️ I identify with this.

  12. Hi Lovely ???? , I have just Shared your Vlog to my Facebook account and my Instagrams friends , I hope that you are keeping well and I Absolutely Love ???? your Lips and your eye brows Lovely ???? , Regards , Susie Louise Xxx

  13. The last fruit you ate looks like a Tamarillo! They can be a bit tart, and if you have too many you get wicked ulcers, but otherwise they are really nice! Don't eat the skin either cos its foul x

  14. Thanks Jamie for showing us the Maldives. Looks like a dream. You look so well . Happy and content. What a beautiful holiday. So sweet you took your parents too. They must have had a ball. Safe trip back home x ❤

  15. Jamie, you are beautiful. Enjoy your pregnancy. Your body is amazing! Your growing a wee baby girl. WTH! I stressed throughout my whole pregnancy about weight when I was growing our wee baby girl and I never got to grow another wee baby. If I where to turn back time I would would just enjoy every pound lol… you are beautiful. I wish you and your wee family all the love & happiness. Ps went to your pop up shop from Ireland in December

  16. I promise you half that weight is just water. I lost 35 lb a week after giving birth bc I was so swollen my last half of my pregnancy. Women are amazing…you’re literally growing a baby from scratch. You look beautiful mama. ❤

  17. I’ve always been around 7 stone and when I was pregnant I went up to 11 stone! Baby only came out weighing 6’12 ???? down to 8 stone 6 months later without diet and exorcise and I look so much better for the extra weight

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