Are Republicans helping Federal Cannabis Reform? Morgan Fox from NORML on DC legalization update

NORML, MPP, US Cannabis Council, NCIA are all lobbyist groups fighting for the reform of federal cannabis laws. Now that the …


  1. Isn't it crazy with commercials two years ago during the Super Bowl Rodger Goodell wouldn't allow a medical marijuana commercial. This year still no medical marijuana commercial but they advertised the hell out of Cocaine Bear Movie. Bunch of fucking hypocrites!!!

  2. Well, anybody who's not helping cannabis reform up there, must be in the wrong place, we need some honest leaders, honestly, alcahol is far more dangerous????????️✌️

  3. Morgan Fox said, at the end of the day the Govt has final say…" This is SO dangerous. The govt works for the People. Even Tom seems so indoctrinated that his speech rolls off his tongue placing govt above the People. This, combined with his cavalier and authoritative attitude makes me question his intent. I'm very very disappointed.

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