1. Ugh. People who want "fix" their kids, especially the "I want to give it to my ADHD kid" mother. (and I use the term "mother" loosely)

  2. I agre with the parents. So many people disagree about medical marijuana..rather marijuana then all the stupid ass pills doctors prescribed that later leave you worst then you were to began with. Marijuana is natural that's why doctors make it sound so bad. of course they want to prescribe u a shitload of pills it's all about the ???? money. I don't hear doctors or people talking about the fact that when you take medication your liver could be damaged or how fucking crazy you"ll be if you stop the medication. I haven't heard of any one overdosing on marijuana oppose to over dosing on oxycotin vikaden ect.

  3. If corporations can not patent a plant and the Gov. is basically a corporation, then how can the U.S department of health and human services hold the patent on Cannabinoids?, (6630507).
    Seriously, that is extremely blatant greed, corruption and a complete "FUCK YOU" to the people. 

  4. It's an herb not a drug. There are no chemicals, there are strands of it made with low THC and high CBD (low "high" causing portion, and high medical portion). It helps things along it doesn't force your body into anything like a drug does and there have been no recorded deaths caused by Marijuana alone. 

  5. I got Ritalin as a child. I flipped out when they took me off. I then found cannabis and self medicated, which worked wonders, way better than Ritalin. My grades shot up as well.

  6. The parents in this video are HEROES 4doing all they can 4their children! I'm the parent of a 5yr old daughter wAutism. I'd do anything 4her too. March on fellow Moms!

  7. When the old guy said that the media had been brainwashed…he just instantly gained all my respect, the guy knows the facts and hes right, there will be a time when people grow up and realise that marijuana is a great treatment towards anything.

  8. I say legalize it already. It is as he said a WONDER DRUG! but these little bad ass kids… Yes I wish I would've been handed a joint every time I cried or complained… Sheesh

  9. Too bad the govt or MSM doesn't let the public know these facts:TRILLION $ CROP

    Princeton: Cannabis Grows Brain Cells – Harvard: Cannabis Stops Cancer
    Marijuana is illegal because it's related to THE MOST VERSATILE plant on Earth, HEMP.

    "HEMP can't get you high unless you smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole!"—Dr. Ron Paul


  10. too bad the govt or MSM doesn't let the public know these facts:
    -British Journal of Cancer, "Cannabinoids induce growth inhibition & apoptosis (cell death) in prostate Cancer"

    -Journal of the National Cancer Institute, "Cannabinoids, have been associated with anticarcinogenic effects"

    -Queen Mary's School of Medicine & Dentistry in London England, "Cannabis destroys Cancer cells"

    -Cancer Research UK, "(Cannabinoids) can slow growth & spread of Cancer cells or even kill them"

  11. okay so when you have a child and he has OCD or whatever it may be and its too much for you to handle, i will be waiting here to tell you "raise your kid, obviously you are not raising him at all. STFU and go somewhere else because this poor lady wants her kid to not suffer and to try and enjoy life.

  12. ADHD, i had this as a kid growing up and i had to take Ritalin. let me break it down for you.
    Ritalin effects- not wanting to eat anything, Can't sleep at night, makes you like a zombie.
    Weed effects- you can eat, sleep and it helps you focus so yeah… WHY THE FUCK ARE WE STILL USING RITALIN

  13. Guys the kid has ocd, some tough shit to live with, and has no friends, so unless you are friendless, have ocd and want to die, then its somthing you know about. But if your normal like me, with maby a few disorders, and have lots of friends and PLAY viedo games, and problay smoke weed just to get high, dont make fun of him. The dude faces some tough shit man.

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