1. I know how it is to have an older dog.unfortunately I didnt prepare myself and it still breaks my heart.prayers for cookies fast recovery and longer life????????????????????????❤❤❤

  2. I hate to see your baby not looking well. It is so hard to see your baby not well and being unable to tell them why or explain that you’re trying to help. ????

  3. The hat????
    Omar you once did something so kind for my daughter. CeCe. You and Tiphanie both. You wanted nothing in return although I offered. She is a huge fam and it made her whole world.
    I can see your family has been dealing with a lot of tribulations. Yet you’re still posting. As much as I love your content I hope you know I would watch if you posted paint drying because of the love you extended to my child. You never complain but I can see you’ve been dealing with a lot. If there’s ever anything you need from your fam I would be first in line to help. Same goes for Tiphanie

  4. I went through this in 2021. I took my dog to the vet. Because she wasn't feeling good. She had a heart attack on the x-ray table. They did cpr and brought her back. But there was no guarantee, they could save her. I made the decision to let her go. That was the hardest decision, I have had to ever make. She was only 7. the vet thought she had bone cancer.

  5. I have a old rescued dog too, we take tabby in a lit just to keep check on her then we rescued another from Puerto Rico from the hurricane now we have 2 dogs 1 bird and 2 rabbits so I understand about the love for animals and my prayers for cookie is with you.

  6. Those kids a reality check. Life these days are much different than how it was as I grew up. They need maybe a trip to boot camp for troubled teens

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