A Closer Look: What Recreational Marijuana Would Mean for Arkansas

To date, five recreational marijuana petitions have been filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office to be placed on the …


  1. From what I understand MMJ taxes and prices would not be affected, groups need to let people know that, there's a misconception that recreational will raise prices and taxes on MMJ

  2. "The group says it would add 40 dispensaries across the state and 20 more craft grow facilities. It would not allow for home growing in order to protect children."

    It would not allow home growing because they believe it will cut into their profits. Don't forget that this issue is funded by 5 of the state's big grow operations. What ever happened to 'patients over profits'?

  3. I will vote NO for any Rec cannabis on the ballot that doesn't allow home cultivation. Preventing home cultivation doesn't protect the children. HOME GROW OR VOTE NO.

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  5. Asa Hutchinson is a joke for wanting to avoid the problem. I'm tired of all these bs cultivators trying to monopolize the state when people just want their medicine without being charged out the ass. Literally both Missouri and Oklahoma are amazing examples of states better than Arkansas (and they border it) of a successful medical cannabis scene where people are able to cultivate and have thousands of growers with loads more of better and cheaper product which is better for everyone. But look Arkansas has only 5 cultivators maybe 6 now, what a joke. The only reason they didnt want recreational here is because they want more money from selling licenses etc. And everytime they hear about Oklahoma at dispensaries in Arkansas they call it an issue because they are better than them lmao. If Arkansas wants to be better and profit more than push laws to be better and make cultivation and the plant accessible to those who actually need it. Plus Arkansas bud quality is pretty bad they almost always rush the process and have barely any terpines and cannabinoids due to a bad dry and cure.

  6. Lol the releaf and places lose money with their prices because smart people figured out Oklahoma is less than. A 1/3 of the price and they can get a out of state temporary card. If they wonder where the money is going it is going to Oklahoma lol cuz arkansas is stupid with their prices and programs

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