30 Day Challenge, Day 4: Paul Greene

How to let go of needing to control the outcome. We have an illusion that things are under control… When, just like the stoics say, …


  1. Story of the Chinese Farmer is a great example of how sometimes what we think is the worse thing that could happen is actually what could put us on a path to the best things that will happen to us. Thanks for sharing. Love this story!

  2. So true! No matter what happens I choose to trust the Lord. For His ways are higher than our ways and we don't see the big picture as He does! But it comes back to choice???? choosing to let go and let God have full control because we will all encounter situations out of our control. Like at 26 years of age with 5 young children and being diagnosed with a golf ball sized brain tumour. I chose to trust God and His promises in the Word and here 10 years later I stand as a healed mother of 6 now. Thanks again Paul for your words of wisdom. I always take it back to how it lines up with God's word.????

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