3 yrs Later Cannabis Saved My Dog.

Cannabis oil saved my dog from cancer. For more info on cannabis oil call Jesse from OC consultants 626-890-0474.


  1. The vet told me that my baby girl would last two weeks because her tumor (we had no idea) ruptured. This coming November 9th will be 9months after her incident and she’s still going strong. I’m just trying to find something that will help her. She’s still active, still eating and drinking and still wagging her tail everyday and living it full out. Besides her having hip problems and this cancer I hope cannbis oil will help my baby feel better if she decides to go or if she decides to fight it. Thank you for your video.

  2. I have a 10 year old female Boston Terrier just diagnosed with an aggressive type of mammary carcinoma. Has anyone successfully treated a pet with this diagnosis? I'm not sure what type of oil is best..hemp/cannabis/cbd? Or is it all the same thing? Any advice is appreciated. Please help!

  3. My rottie had a splenectomy about 3 wks ago (spleen did not rupture) and i have started him on home cooked food and also turkey tail supplement and CBD oil but i don't think it has thc in it, however it organic and a high end company i bought it from. I was wondering do u know, will this routine u use work for a dog with hermangiosarcoma?? Thanks and your pittie is beautiful and congrats to u both for keeping cancer at bay that's awesome!!!! There are ways to fight this, most vets won't tell u about!!!

  4. Hello my beautiful Ruby just got diagnosed with Lymphoma. I tried calling Jesse with OC Consultants but got a message machine. Would you be able to tell exactly what you purchased? I would like to do the routine you did to fight your babies cancer

  5. My Faye started this at 3 years old and mad fourth birthday in June, it’s now end of August. We started CBD and FECO OMG..march -April. See below my question about the mot so nice days

  6. What I’d like to know did shorty have ups and “DOWNS” especially during the CBD and FECO TREATMENT
    My gurl Faye is -5-6 months in treatment now after her death sentence -8 weeks -like shorty. She has scared me a few times thinking she was dying at my feet !
    So I’d appreciate not so nice days update on this miraculous treatment please .
    I tried getting in touch with you but wasn’t successful
    Please respond thank you tammy

  7. Tino, can I ask about the day-time tinctures? Are they pure cbd? Are they a 2:1 (cbd to thc) mix? 1:1 (cbd to thc)? I have spoken with Jesse but unfortunately he is overseas right now and unable to speak with me. I'm hoping to get my dog started on this right away for the best possible outcome. Thank you in advance for your time.

  8. i would love to know the thc content in the night dose and how much she gets , my boxer just diagnosed with a prostate mass and prognosis was not good, i want to use this treatment, i am in canada though so need to get it here, can you help with the amounts and thc level for night dose? indica or sativa?

  9. I have a 13 year old Chihuahua with arthtrits on his spine, would cannabis oil help? He wakes up with so much pain that he cries and just looks at me to help but all I can do is hold him until the pain goes away a little. It just started happening two days ago.

  10. Are you still giving shorty the same doses as the 2015 video or have you been able to stop altogether ? My french mastiff was given 2 months yesterday so im still trying to wrap my head around what to do .
    Cymo i was told is an option but not recommended by the vet.
    Hes lost so much weight so fast im hoping i can bring him back.
    Iv got nearly everything i need im just praying it works.
    Im not giving up on him

  11. Hi I just found out that my pit has cancer yesterday it is getting to the lungs first. He's dropping weight rapidly and gave me three weeks to eight weeks I switched up the diet immediately but I would like to try the cannabis oil where do I get it?

  12. Are the tinctures thc free? My chihuahua was just diagnosed and I’m concerned about using cannabis for her due to her size as it can cause increased heart rate which can be lethal to smaller dogs. She is 12 so we decided not to do chemo but I want to find some natural ways to potentially keep the cancer at bay. Her lymphoma is in the gut with a large tumor in the intestines. She’s already lost 4lbs.

  13. I've been trying to reach Jesse but I can't get a hold of him. Is the number accurate or is there another way to reach him? I would really appreciate your reply because my dog needs this asap to save his life. Thank you.

  14. I need help. My dog is only 5 years old just diagnosed with lymphoma. He is a pitbull, been trying cbd oils and changing his diet. Seems like it's still getting worse.. ???? I just need some advice

  15. YESS!!! So happy to hear she’s still around. I give my 14 year old pit, Sadie, a drop every night. Just for general health. She has arthritis, but that’s it. Vet says she has strong hearts and lungs and is super healthy. Cannabis saves lives for sure.

  16. Im in texas and i cant get cbd for my dog who has cancer! We have changed his diet and have him on meds for canine cancer . Hes acting better but we need to get his tumor looked at again……i hate i cant get the cbd. Will hemp be as good?

  17. I have a dog with lymphoma at the moment and I’m treating him with various protocols including medicinal mushrooms, Budwig, change of diet and cannabis oil… you did prednisone and I’m totally torn as to weather I should include this. He is eight weeks post diagnosis and is going really really well but his lymph nodes are still growing. I’d love to hear your comment. I’ll join your Facebook page.

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