1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape Review & Demo

On this video I do a quick review of Hemplucid’s 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape/Drip Then I show how I like to use it by diluting …


  1. Canna River Hemp Flower. Strains I love and recommend are Sweet wife, smells like fruity pebbles and in my opinion is a true hybrid. Now for night time and basically before bed I use their strain named Suver Haze. Try it guys you get 7grams for 25 bucks free shipping.

  2. Say I have a Renova Zero refillable POD system, VG, PG and the same 500mg cbd bottle as you. What percentages should I use for dilution? Should I use just VG? Thanks for the video btw

  3. I dont know much about vapes, been smoking weed and cigs for 10 years and enough is enough, also need something to help me with anxiety and insomnia, I am in the uk so the options are different, was thinking about getting a vape thats Output wattage up to 40W
    Atomizer resistance – 1.5ohm, and vape cbd juice –  Main flavours: Grape, Hemp
    Full Spectrum CBD E-Liquid
    10ml dripper bottle
    PG/VG : 50/50
    THC & Nicotine Free
    Flavours based on natural organic terpenes
    No alcohol or animal extracts
    USP / food grade ingredients
    Tamper-proof and childproof bottle
    Diacetyl free and quality controlled, I just copied and pasted that so its text jumped up a bit, lol, I dont know what vape and coil you reccomend for this type of juice, any help is appreciated brother

  4. Hey where do you get that eliquid at? I got a pretty strong vape but I heard hemplucid is way too thick so I wanna try to do what you did.

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