Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin in Missouri – What to Know

Recreational or “Adult Use” sales have officially begun in Missouri, but what are the state and marijuana industry expecting with …


  1. Heads up people It’s fancy rope weed!!
    they’re calling federal farm bill hemp “marijuana” in the state of Missouri and the marijuana that is sold is cut early enough to comply with “federal regulations “ because actual marijuana isn’t legal federally, iow in Missouri you are buying “HEMP” and to get stoned off of it you must decarboxylate the stuff first or be stuck with a cbd effect… don’t fall for the bs!! Buyer beware!!

  2. Weed is legal in Missouri because of the voters not the politicians that currently work there. Vote the Republicans out for not giving us this freedom.

  3. There's another issue flying right over your heads & it has to do with the 2018 farm bill (hemp) pot.

    If States rule that the total thc after decarboxylation can't exceed .3%, then nothing but hemp can be sold there. But if it doesn't mention total thc after decarboxylation, actual stony cannabis can slip in under the radar & be sold (& very much IS being sold) as long as the Delta9 isn't over .3%. Because thca levels can be super high, like 29% & 87.7% of it will convert to Delta9 the second you light it to smoke.

    I only know of one State who is allowing this, but I won't name it…

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