Product Review: CBD Pain Relief Rub



  1. im in constant pain if anyone can send me a bottle of this shit id reward them greatly.. yeah i know you shouldnt ask for this on youtube but whatever fuck that. pm me if anyone can help.

  2. i live in portland oregon and am curious if i would be able to purchase this, or something similar because i suffer from consistent tension headaches, and although i do indulge in cannabis recreationally, i am looking for something to use to relieve my headaches without getting properly baked. if you, or anybody has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. btw, love the vids. keep up the good work

  3. I agree with your theory about two distinct types of cannabis related stores. Seems like it would be one of the most sensible ways to do it. I cannot wait until I am 21 and get to move to Colorado. Who knows what the future of marijuana will be; it looks brighter every day. Cool videos CRTV

  4. Man i dont even live in the US, i live in Sweden and we got shit weed compared to what you guys have. And I see now how much the cannabis community starts to grow, Learn so much from your channel , you are so easy to understand. love it!
    Sry if my english is bad ^^

  5. Love to see more and more variety In your channel man! I think this is the best cannabis channel on YouTube hands down! Great stuff man been a sub for about 6 months and I love your videos..Stay stony bro

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