Pastor Jamal Bryant Looking for The Weed Heads

Pastor Jamal Bryant Looking for The Weed Heads Pastor Jamal Bryant Looking for The Weed Heads This Channel is for …


  1. People should know that God teaches us to, ALWAYS be sober! So, Jamal Bryant talking about teaching men to grow weed is not the same as farming. I used to grow weed and now I grow food and teach people about God's natural healing with the natural herbs that he gave us around the world for the healing of your body. Cannibis can fight cancer and give benefits in the body when we extract the oil from the weed. Here's an example. You can take 1 ounce of weed and squeeze the oil out of it and you will only get about a third of a cup of oil. So not that much. When we smoke weed then it destroys your lungs, stomach lining and other organs in the body. No smoke belongs in the body, only fresh air! Weed does not fix depression, anxiety, & other lies that people want to believe. People that suffer from these problems eat an unhealthy diet. When we stop eating processed foods, chemicals and sugar then you will see all of your health problems slowly disappear over time. God created these bodies to heal themselves, but it requires you to eat healthy foods that provides the vitamins your body needs to heal. The older you are, the longer your body needs to heal. No one should look for healing in under 4 months! Learn how the body works and you will see why it takes so long. I used to be friends with Jamal Bryant when we were 10-14 years old. We used to be ushers at church when his father was the pastor and I can say that we were always getting into the girls or other bad things instead of listening to sermons. How do you teach people to farm before you teach them how to own a farm? I don't know many weed smokers that live on farmland nor can they afford to buy one. Jesus didn't go to bar to recruit more followers so why would anyone think promoting the use of weed is a good thing? Sure, you come to God as you are but that means sober and be ready to stop your sinful ways. It's called repentance! One thing the church isn't telling anyone is the coming economic collapse in the US. So many will not be prepared. This is also how you can tell if the Holy Spirit is living in your church. Is your pastor warning you about being prepared? Are they teaching you about the new world digital currency that is coming soon? The world is moving to a digital currency, and they will collapse the US economy to destroy the middle class. This switch is about taking the wealth from the middle class worldwide and giving it to the central banks. This has been planned for well over 10 years. They use the media to scare you away from crypto because they don't want you investing into it. Nations around the world have already been testing the digital asset they will use for their countries. The US central bank still wants to retain control over us, so they have been fighting in court for over 2 years quietly while the media tells you NOTHING. If you are not prepared for the coming food shortages and economy collapse, then you won't do well in the depression. In case, people have no clue what I'm talking about, then learn how life was for people in the US in 1929. People had no food, jobs, etc. The streets may get crazy too. They have been warning of blackouts (internet, gas & electric, etc). No one alive today has ever had to experience this and will have it the hardest not being prepared. But the lesson in all of what I have said is to stop watching mainstream media lies & propaganda they use to guide your thoughts and opinions and you have no clue. Learn more of crypto and what to invest in before it's too late. The SEC is currently trying to shut investing down and they are trying to get the courts to give them a favorable ruling so they can label all crypto as securities. If this were to happen, then they could put laws & regulations in place to steal everything from us. If we lose this economic war, then we will become their slaves because they want everyone microchipped by 2023 and they already announced a new plan-demic for 2025 with vaccines already prepared for you sheep/idiots that believe & get those killer jabs. Learn the agenda and you will understand what's going on. Look at the World Economic Forum website and they tell you all about their new world. You remember, they were calling it "Build Back Better". Notice they don't say that anymore? That's because they are tearing it down, so they no longer use that phrase. It was only used to get people to vote for Biden. For the record, Biden was never elected but the same globalist that are pushing this world agenda own and control all mainstream media, so they make you believe 2020 election was legally won. And since most sheep have no real clue of what's been going on, they know you will never research and investigate anything for yourselves. They know that many of you have no attention span and if it doesn't entertain you then you're easily bored and move on to the next thing. For those that have read this far are doing good. Prepare by buying beans, nuts, seeds. These will store for years, not meat. Pay off all credit card bills quickly. There will be 3 more interest rate increases in 2023. How do I know all these things sheeple? I pay attention to the real information and never watch tv anymore. I want to see black folks wake up and stop following the lies of the democratic party. Go listen to the House hearings and you will hear all kinds of evidence that was hidden from you because they had democratic leaders blocking you from the truth. You will see emails between the FBI, DOJ, White House and others have been emailing YouTube, Twitter, Facebook to remove people that told the real truth. You can see emails from Elizabeth Warren that provided scripted questions for upcoming witnesses that they were planning to question in public hearings, asking if they approved of the questions. This is how things have worked for decades and they have been selling our freedoms away by passing laws and blocking laws they don't want. Who do all these people work for? The central banks! So, when black folks talk about the "White Man", that's who is controlling you. The central banks have chosen all past presidents except Trump. Trump messed up their agenda timeline. Their first agenda was called "Agenda 21". After Trump got elected, they held an emergency meeting in Virginia and changed it to "Agenda 2030". This is your timeline sheeple. This too can change if Trump gets elected for a 3rd term in 2024. You can believe they won't allow it to be a fair election. They will need another distraction like COVID to disrupt the elections again because they know they would never win legally again. So regardless, if you believe anything I am saying or not, you will soon see for yourself. Start buying Gold and Silver while the prices are low because once they raise the prices back up you will have real currency to use when the economy collapses or you should save it because it will always be an asset for you. Billionaires are rich because they buy when prices are low. Regular people stay poor or working jobs until we get old, sick and die because we don't pay attention to what's really going on around us, we listen to other broke and poor people give you financial & health advice yet never build wealth for your family. It's time to wake up! There should be no reason why you can sing all the songs that you know but can't name your constitutional rights. How can you know everything about what teams are going to championships but have no clue who created the central banks, who controls them. Wake up folks! Let's stop promoting these single mother homes and wonder why these kids are out of control. Use common sense. Ladies, stop allowing men to impregnate you without marriage. Teach these kids and raise them to follow Jesus, have self respect & morals, and let them feel shame. When you take away shame, then you are saying it's okay to do. Men can't get you ladies pregnant if you don't let us between your legs. So the buck stops with you!

  2. The difference in the types of jobs m, mean, possibly, more females smoke more than men.
    He’s an Opportunist!
    I think he lied about being robbed! One of his members didn’t even flinch or close his BIBLE, during the alleged ROBBERY! #???? on this dude!!!

  3. I disagree with this the devil is a liar and the truth is not in him it's all about Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins Jesus say seek ye first the kingdom of heaven all these things shall be added unto you Jesus Christ's saying spiritual gifts and all these things shall be added unto

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