Nevada Cannabis board issues health notice after some products treated with unapproved…

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) said some products recently produced in the Las Vegas area were treated with …


  1. Only buy ORGANIC marijuana…or learn to grow your own. PLEASE DO NOT USE VAPE CARTRIDGES; Most of them are made w/ propylene glycol, which can DESTROY your health & especially your lungs. Most cartridges contain extremely potent & addictive marijuana…90% THC is no longer 'legitimate' marijuana. When you smoke THC, the percentage is usually close to 60; Any percentage that's too high can be very addictive & cause you to become lazy & stupid; When I quit using Rove cartridges, I had horrible insomnia & panic attacks almost every day…Now, I've been making my own chocolate edibles & feel much better. Rove, a popular vape brand, was on the list of cartridges that caused people to go to the ER for 'vaping lung disease'; I could barely breathe after using their cartridges for only a couple of months…Don't mess around w/ that brand!

    Marijuana is not supposed to be sprayed w/ harsh chemicals or processed to the point where its chemical structures become too potent. God gave us THC as a gift & a cure-all, but too many THC manufacturers cut corners to make easy money & the result is people needing more & more to get the desired effect; Do not give your money to these greedy $windlers…They do not care about your health & only see you as a commodity.

  2. How can there be reports of illnesses these chemicals will stay in your body and kill you same reason that people in farms die of cancer do to the exposure of chemicals being used. Anything to enhance maturity is harmful.

  3. Next stop: the « cocktail effect » from "sanitary" additive$ mixed with no combinatorial C(n, r) or nCr restrictions… While toxicities actually multiply, which leads to astronomical numbers and hence a physical impossibility to produce complete long-term studies in support of what's more like a ma$$-experiment performed at the expense of already over-billed/over-taxed consumers.

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