MCPA, ReLeaf App, and University of Mississippi Join Forces to Revolutionize Medical Cannabis Study!

NATIONAL BREAKING NEWS: MCPA, ReLeaf App, and the University of Mississippi Join Forces to Revolutionize Medical …


  1. Awesome . I can't wait i going for my card in couple weeks . Thanks MS you always been my home and with med Marijuana you have helped my life tremendously. Thanks again

  2. I know this is off topic. But can you answer a question @mississippicannabisalliance. If a person has a federal enhanced conceal carry license in Mississippi and a clean record. Can an individual still possess a enhanced firearms permit and their Mississippi medical card and not get immediately thrown in jail because of the Federal laws against the consumption of THC.

  3. I watched all the videos. I am very interested in medical cannabis program. The thing that is holding me back is the federal side of this.
    I have been told that if I get a medical card I will no longer be able to purchase a firearm. I will be labeled as a criminal. Maybe it will change
    Federally soon?? Thanks for what you do

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  5. Some humor does not escape me in thinking that many thought your job would be largely complete when the first prescriptions of medical cannabis in Mississippi had been filled by the grand openings of dispensaries across the state. Full sails and straight ahead.

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