A Conversation with Law Enforcement

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  1. This is a perfect example of how to get shot by the cops, What cop is going to listen to you explain the law to them. If you're a person of color that's resisting, and that could get you killed. Shut up and do what he says let the judge sort it out,and then sue the city you were arrested in.

  2. Best advice. Don't allow cops to search your vehicle And don't talk to them. If they are stupid enough to not know Delta 8 or 9 is legal, then not much you gonna able to do to talk your way out of it.

  3. This is a great start and I would like to work with you to develop this as I was detained, body cam recorded and then released by TX DPS State Trooper at US Border Patrol Checkpoint last March with an invitation to provide “hemp compliance education and training” for DPS and general counsel of US Border Patrol. I have same interest from SAPD and am ready to create curriculum.

    This video is excellent and illuminates the real need for education… in fact, as good as it is to hear LE refer to “CBD” or “hemp derived” instead of “THC” we really need even better, more clear legal language for tax payer paid law enforcement officers to learn and use: it’s all “cannabis”

    “hemp” has a specific definition in Texas, USA and is LEGAL.

    “Marijuana” and “marihuana” have a different, specific legal definition.

    Each legal definition is based on one single molecule; Delta-9 THC. Not any other type of naturally occurring THC.

    Determining legal status of “cannabis” by accurately determining concentration by weight of D9 THC (without inadequate testing, heresy or illegal evidence tampering by LE/forensic crime lab testing methods) is where education, training and change is severely needed.

    Test kits are a liability for LE agencies everywhere as they are creating false positives, wrongful imprisonment of law abiding citizens possessing legal products.

    I think working WITH LE at apex levels of agencies to educate and make positive change to better use our tax payer money for LE to stop crimes WITH VICTIMS… and stop taking freedom and property from law abiding citizens over legal cannabis “hemp” whether it’s CBD, THC, CBG… if it is HEMP then it is HEMP. End of story. Legal.

    Only “MJ” is illegal. Burden of proof is on LE. The current SOP is to take the product, arrest, jail and hold property / money in civil forfeiture… and this is not LE being within the law…


  4. They'll laugh in your face, tell you to turn around, put your hands on the car etc etc etc. The police need to know the law….. it's their JOB. Arresting people because of their ignorance is not ok. Bail, court cost , vehicle impound costs and getting arrest record expunged….etc etc etc. DON'T DRIVE WITH ANYTHING THAT SAYS THC On it no matter what.

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